Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Let's see...
Isabel is nearly 2.5 years old. Leo had just turned 5. 

We are starting to look at schools for Leo. Which we must do quickly, as lottery deadlines are approaching. We are considering Ridgeview Classical Schools, TR Paul, Liberty Common, and Olander, the latter being our neighborhood school.

There is a lot to think about, and I'm not sure I even know what questions to ask at this point. RCS is the only one of them that is a K-12 school. I like that my kids would be with the same administration, peer group, and culture for their entire school career.

Olander is a good school. We attended the presentation on Kindergarten a few weeks ago and were impressed. We think it would be a good fit for Leo and for our family, and it is not far away. If they had a K-12 program, I may not be looking elsewhere. 

What I am concerned about is what comes after Olander. Blevins Jr. High and then Rocky Mountain High School. They are in the Poudre School District, and that alone is a good recommendation as we have some of the best schools in the state. But how do they compare with Ridgeview? 

I want what we all want for our children: healthy, productive, happy lives. I want them to make good choices: morally, financially, economically, socially, and with respect to education and career goals. I want them to have enough perspective, experience, skills, and education to have as broad a view as possible of their choices. Some parents would say they want their kids to go to college. I do not. Rather, I want my kids to be able to go to college, should they so choose.  I want them to have the perspective on life and skills to be able to judge for themselves the best course. Trade or vocational school? University? Medical school? Military or military academy? Some vagary I cannot currently imagine?

My friend, J, philosophizes that her daughter may choose to be a lawyer or a florist, but with no way of knowing, she must be given the best education and so she may choose for herself from there. I tend to agree, but now we are faced with determining which school will offer that.

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Thursday, July 31, 2008


Leo told me today that the word 'truck' starts with a 'C'. I corrected him, then opened a text document to type into so we could talk about the letters and their sounds. I started with 'truck' and we broke it up into the letters and made all the sounds and then read the whole word. Next I asked him if he remembered 'ee', to which he answered 'ee, like eel'. So I typed that up for him, with the 'L' and sounded it out with him. Then I added a 'T' and we sounded that out together. He seemed to understand that because we had just done 'truck'. Next I randomly chose an 'M' and stuck it in front of the 'eel'. I asked him what sound 'M' makes and we both practiced 'mmmmm'. Then I asked him what this word sounds like and was just about to help him sound it out when he responded: 'Food!'

Friday, June 20, 2008


Spring is done. I just pulled out the last of the bolted spinach to make room for seed potatoes (thank you, Ed!). The sweet peas are visible through the living room windows and I think we've about finished that harvest for the year (especially as we are going to be out of town for the next two weeks). I have the green beans coming up in front of the sweet peas. I should have started them a month earlier than I did. Oh well. I'm sure we'll still get a ton, as usual.
I've been doing a lot of purging, sorting, and consolidating in the house the last week. I got rid of a ton of boxes and junk and such. But I also came across these chalkboards my mother painted years ago. I never knew what I would use them for, but they were so pretty and my mom made them, so I kept them. Now my kids have a use for them. And I'm VERY glad there are two of them. :)

Thanks, Mom!
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Thursday, June 19, 2008


Co-op today. What a gawdawful mess. And a lot of fun.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Talking more

Isa is talking and signing a lot more in the past few weeks. She and Leo both have been watching a lot more Signing Time videos and they're both very keen to use their signs. It's helping a little with her whining and screaming, she's just starting to understand when I ask her not to cry, but to sign.

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We just found a tagalong bicycle for Leo at the annual Quail Hollow neighborhood garage sale event. We were actually looking for a dresser for Sharon, but couldn't find one. We lost one of Isa's yellow rain boots during the bike ride down there. Oh well. The tagalong ($30!) was a great find.

Leo loves it and keeps asking for more bike rides. :) Now I just need to get a basket for the front of my bike, as I have no storage for grocery trips.

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Found a baby (fledgling) crow in my herb garden this afternoon.

We've been seeing it out on the front lawn over the last couple of days. I have no idea if a parent is caring for it. I put some water and meat out for it. I suppose the wildlife police will come tell me not to. :)

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Monday, June 09, 2008

testing KK movie

testing KK movie

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Spring garden

This is from several days ago. The little garden space in front of the living room window. It's all even bigger now!

Bok choy in the foreground, spinach and lettuce in the background.

Spinach cotyledons.

Sweet peas and spinach.
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